Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday after Lincoln's doctor appointment I wanted to write his birth story. But then, he was being a cutie so I figured I'd just write about his appointment and post a sweet picture explaining that I preferred to spend my time sniffing his hair and kissing his cheeks.

But then...

Some of the magic wore off or something because yesterday was not such a good day. By the time Rob got home from work I was in tears over my perceived ineptitude in caring for Lincoln, my exhaustion, etc. I put myself to bed early and tried to promise myself to do better the next day. I know this is bad, but I put him in his babysitter, er, the swing so I could type this up. I didn't have a baby so I could shirk my duties in caring for him but Rob bought a swing over the weekend and it has afforded me the tiniest bit of freedom, and I am thankful.

Yesterday was so bad, in fact, that the only photos I got were of him screaming his head off.

Please pray and maybe send chocolate, LOL.

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  1. Sweetie - putting him in the swing so that you can have five minutes to do something does not make you neglectful or a bad mother. It makes you a saint for not leaving him in there for an hour so you could take a bath or something.

    I know he's the center of everything right now, but make sure that you don't lose yourself (or your sanity) in the process of trying to be a perfect mom. No one is a "perfect" mom - they just do the best they can, and it tends to work out. :-)

    Sending you good thoughts!