Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Scare

For a few weeks now Lincoln has been projectile vomiting. Not like what I imagine normal baby "spit up" to be, but ounces at a time. He does an excellent impersonation of the girl from The Exorcist!

I have heard theories that he is not burped enough (not true, we do a minimum of twenty minutes, even in the middle of the night, and sometimes we even interrupt a feeding to burp.) That he is at the wrong angle (we never nurse flat unless we're in bed.) A lactation consultant told me he may be getting too quick of a flow on one side (nothing I can do about that! Changing positions didn't help!) Regardless of what I do, he barfs A LOT each meal and I often have to re-feed him. I will cry if they tell me it is because he is eating too much because he will eat voraciously after he barfs. Good grief.

All this to say, I'm taking him to the doctor today to ensure he is not losing weight. He is plumping up nicely but he could potentially gain more and I won't know until I rule out reflux, etc. All warm wishes are greatly appreciated. We are very nervous!

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