Saturday, April 5, 2014

Busy Boy!

My kid has a much more active social life than I ever imagined. Before he was born I told myself I wouldn't over-schedule him and wear him out. But now that he is here, I never want him to miss out on anything fun. If we sit home all day he goes off the rails with boredom. He isn't in school yet so I feel an obligation of sorts to ensure he has fun stuff to do.

I really overdid it this week, but not for him, for me. My body is so sore I can barely move! As a consequence of our busy days, he has not napped all week so we have butted heads quite a bit, but one pre-birth promise I have actually kept is that our lives would not revolve around napping. We are definitely flexible!

Here is an exhausting run down:

Monday - Gymnastics followed by lunch with friends. Then we visited family and ran errands.

Tuesday - We went to Toddler Tuesday at the aquarium followed by lunch and shopping.

Wednesday - Kindermusik class and errands.

Thursday - Kindermusik class, lunch with friends, errands.

Friday - Disney on Ice,  visit to Gas Monkey Garage,  lunch at restaurant of same name, visit to my mom's office, errands, out to eat for dinner.

Saturday - Easter event that included face painting, bounce house humping, train riding, egg hunting, waiting for a balloon animal, meeting the Easter bunny and playing at the park where the event was located. Then we ran more errands. Today I was also not lazy (for once) and cleaned out his closet and did a bunch of laundry.

I feel like death and next week is already booking up. Yay/boo.

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