Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Update

I went to the doctor yesterday regarding my, ahem, "issues. Here is the conversation as best I recall it:

Dr: So, no bleeding, no pain, etc.?

Me: Nope.

(The she examines me.)

Dr: Huh.

Me: Uh...?

Dr: Well, you had one of the most severe tears I've seen. I really figured we'd be scheduling you a surgery today. I didn't think the treatment plan would work.

Me: Uh...?

Dr: Well, you're healed. I didn't think you would!

Me: I'm glad you have a good poker face! I would've been despondent at the thought of another surgery.

Dr: It's incredible. A miracle, really.


This FANTASTIC news really makes it much easier to continue pounding laxatives for the next year (long story.) And when I do get around to another pregnancy, you can bet your life's savings that I will begin scarfing milk of magnesia waaaay before I deliver and for a lonnnnnng time after. Lesson learned!

Oh, and I will not be having a colonoscopy. Praise Jesus!

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