Thursday, December 13, 2012

House Hunting

So, we're house hunting and all that jazz. It's about time we lived like grown-ups instead of perpetually renting from my parents. I was just looking at the MLS for our desired areas, and boy is it bad! I would not want to be a realtor! I mean, you shouldn't have to tell people certain things. If you have a mirror on your ceiling in the master, I will not be able to get the image of your constant sexcapades out of my mind. If you have animal feces everywhere or it looks like you have never owned a vacuum, I am going to insist you install new flooring. That hurts your bottom line! I will have a hard time envisioning my own junk in the place if I can't even see the space due to your hoarding piles covering every square inch. Guess it's time to dust off the old imagination! :(


  1. Good Luck, house hunting is so hard.

  2. No kidding! Seriously, I sometimes wonder how people think they will ever manage to sell their house with some of these photos they add to the listing. Do they REALLY not realize how bad it looks?! lol Good luck on your hunt! I hope you find something at least semi-worthy of consideration. =)