Monday, February 6, 2012


Sometimes when I am desperate and poor I eat Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese. The kind in a blue box. It isn't often, as I prefer a sauce made from scratch with a roux as opposed to orange powder, but you get the point.

Yesterday at our Super Bowl party I made some of the Kraft stuff for the kids in attendance. I figured they wouldn't like my veggie pasta with rosemary and garlic. I put it in a large serving dish on the same table as the food being served to the grown-ups (which, incidentally, there was plenty of the "good" food for the kids to eat but sometimes kids are picky and I like to cater to all wasn't like I treat my friend's kids like second class citizens.)

To my complete shock, some adults put the mac 'n' cheese on their plates! Now, I am confused. Did they take some to be polite? Are they picky eaters?

Basically I am mortified that an adult would think the Kraft stuff was something I was actually presenting for consumption at a party!


  1. They probably just like it. I love the Kraft mac n cheese but won't touch the "real" stuff. I definitely would have eaten it. It's a good football food. :)

  2. bwahahaha! That is funny :) My boy would have loved that... but I definitely would have stuck to the rosemary/garlic pasta!

  3. My husband still loves that crap, so I think you just had some Kraft fans!